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Rider NameHorse NameRegionDeclaration StatusPlacingScoreInvitation Status
Sarah Alder-SchallerReal Prada9Declared173.483In by placing
Taryn AndersonAddison5Not DeclaredNot eligible
Not in first 5 declared or below score threshold
Taryn AndersonRomulus5Declared173.4In by placing
Liz BrombergVigoureux1Declared175.717In by placing
Sheila BuchananRising Sun #436Declared275.283In by placing
Kimberly ClarkDuvaldez1Declared274.65In by placing
Carol CooperElton J2Declared271.833In by placing
Joanne DaddPik Andromeda8Declared470.783In by placing
Sara DavissonHavallo4Declared669In by wildcard
Elaine HarmonRoslyn. KB9Declared669.25In by placing
Jennifer JobstTaran9Declared768.5In by wildcard
Alexandra KrossenNicene8Declared866.833In by wildcard
Christine MalpartidaFreudentänzer3Declared176.25In by placing
Laurie McCullough-LeibfriedFürst Madiran8Declared767.183In by wildcard
Michele MooneyDon Viamo7Declared269.917In by placing
Devon O'learyWolan9Declared967.1In by wildcard
Kate OwenPinky Promise2Declared067.267In by wildcard
Valerie PervoDon Draper2Declared668.55In by placing
Amy RichwineBarolo Boy4Declared766.5In by wildcard
Kathryn RizzoniFaraday2Declared768.4In by wildcard
Kerry RoseBenjamin Blue8Declared669.3In by placing
Laurie RyanManchet Montana4Declared373.817In by placing
Erica SchwanTristan Arie4Declared570.517In by placing
Pamela SturbaumLadino6Declared566.55In by placing
Taryn YoungRayne Dance4Declared865.767Not eligible
Late nomination
Declaration is not required for a score-based wildcard invitation.
* "In line" means that the nominated horse/rider could be invited if currently invited horses do not enter or withdraw.
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