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Rider NameHorse NameRegionDeclaration StatusPlacingScoreInvitation Status
Laine AshkerAtlas1Not Declared170.705In by wildcard
Gretchen AycockRoyal Jester5Declared366.154In by placing
Kayla BarteauSundance4Declared766.218Not eligible
Scores or placing below threshold
Susanne BenneDulcia3Declared271.41In by placing
Kelsey BroeckerDreamcatcher9Declared369.038In by placing
Bridget BurseyForty Creek4Declared568.141In by wildcard
Roberta CarletonFlingh's Dream8Declared867.885In line *
Lauren ChumleyNikolas1Declared666.667In by placing
Lehua CusterF.J. Ramzes7Not Declared176.282In by wildcard
Jane EwerFreddie B7Not Declared669.423In by wildcard
Megan GardnerCalexico3Declared171.731In by placing
Nicole HarringtonCamomila MCD4Declared270.897In by placing
Susan HarrisEndavour Adventure2Declared668.59In by wildcard
Angela JacksonFemke Zarma Tf2Declared169.487In by placing
Angela JacksonGaston TF2Declared369.231In by wildcard
Anthea KinFinian9Declared568.654In by wildcard
Alexis LoseyDorina4Declared468.846In by wildcard
Anna MarekDinah Shore MF3Not Declared768.846In by wildcard
John MasonAguileņo WAE9Declared468.782In by placing
Heather McCarthyAu Revoir2Declared269.359In by placing
Gwyneth McPhersonEskandar8Declared271.346In by placing
Jaclyn MeinenEdison7Declared068.59In by placing
Jaclyn MeinenHerbstliebe7Declared067.949In by placing
Kaye OttenRoundabout1Declared267.949In by placing
Ali PotaskyEager2Declared468.91In by wildcard
Michael PoulinChopard8Declared173.141In by placing
Alex RobertsonDon Amigo3Declared066.474In line *
Kari SchmittRecess5Declared860.94In line *
jovanna stepanFuerstin Romantica3Declared569.615In by wildcard
Sara StorchPortofino5Declared564.786In by placing
Mike SuchanekDuchess L4Declared171.154In by placing
Mike SuchanekHannigan L4Declared370.577In by wildcard
George WilliamsRiccione2Declared468.91In by wildcard
Declaration is not required for a score-based wildcard invitation.
* "In line" means that the nominated horse/rider could be invited if currently invited horses do not enter or withdraw.
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