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Rider NameHorse NameRegionDeclaration StatusPlacingScoreInvitation Status
Taryn AndersonAddison5Declared169.658In by placing
Olivia BanyonChaman1Declared666.218In by wildcard
Malena BrisboisAmadeus1Declared766.154In by wildcard
Kendall BrookhartRianna7Declared064.936In line *
Bonnie CanterFifinella GCF9Declared172.5In by placing
Michelle ConradCadiz2Declared666.474In by wildcard
Mariah CrumbakerPiz Buin4Declared464.295In line *
Linda CurrieFrost T8Declared172.308In by placing
Birgitt DaggeLaxwell3Declared267.051In by placing
Birgitt Daggelionheart 3Declared062.885Not eligible
Scores or placing below threshold
Linda EgelandFleur Royale2Declared865.385In by wildcard
Carrie FanningAshmaan8Declared065In by wildcard
Michelle FreelsMarie7Declared765.449In by placing
Kelly GrantEaston2Declared171.603In by placing
Hope GreenfieldZuni8Declared865.705In by wildcard
Kelly GriffithAgathon JP4Declared663.462In line *
Crystal HagenHalston2Declared766.09In by wildcard
Carol Ann HeadHallah GGF8Declared267.949In by placing
Amelia HellmanAsta Lindebjerg1Not Declared171.923In by wildcard
Julie HoogeveenLorenzo III8Declared065.641In by wildcard
Carolyn KotilaSummertime2Not Declared065.192In by wildcard
Shannon KozakiewiczSir Flemmingh2Declared368.205In by wildcard
Kelly LevasseurLuminus2Declared269.615In by placing
Loretta LucasBravo Do Retiro3Declared863.59In line *
Sharon MagnoloWallacea8Declared566.667In by wildcard
Meredith MarcumDon Calypso2Declared566.795In by wildcard
Kaitlynn MosingPetacchi1Declared368.59In by placing
Laura MyllykangasD'iego JRF4Declared266.474In by placing
Veronica NemmerAndreo7Declared172.436In by placing
Judith NordstromEsteban4Declared365.962In by placing
Kristen OrttE. Felix1Declared269.423In by placing
Elizabeth PruyserRitz Poshe4Not Declared166.795In by wildcard
Dolores RazmanRex Richard3Not Declared465.449In by wildcard
Nicole RickardsSAMSON7Declared064.167Not eligible
Scores or placing below threshold
Stacy RoseOtto8Declared367.244In by wildcard
Amy ScarlatellaNeko8Not Declared466.731In by wildcard
Wendy SmithQuick Decision3Declared168.077In by placing
Elisabeth StrausArlo8Declared765.705In by wildcard
Karen TaylorWeekapaug Groove2Declared065.192In by wildcard
Lucy TiddEvita1Declared467.628In by wildcard
Ashlee Wattshampton9Declared270.705In by placing
Declaration is not required for a score-based wildcard invitation.
* "In line" means that the nominated horse/rider could be invited if currently invited horses do not enter or withdraw.
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