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US Dressage Finals Fourth Level Freestyle Championship Adult Amateur [Change Level/Division]

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Rider NameHorse NameRegionDeclaration StatusPlacingScoreInvitation Status
Kasey BedardHS Diamond Dolly3Declared665.75In by placing
Birgitt DaggeLaxwell3Declared062.833Not eligible
Scores or placing below threshold
Rose GrantGP Ubilee4Declared763.333In line *
Holly JamesStiletto3Declared864.333In line *
Adriane JimenezAvatar6Declared168.367In by placing
Susan JonesReliance2Declared767.7In by placing
Patty KeimJava Joe2Declared067.017In by wildcard
Julie McCradyRemanessa4Declared565.667In line *
Katelyn MyllykangasFavory Canada4Declared367.75In by placing
Kathy NardiAlada High Socks4Declared466.583In by wildcard
Alison OtterLeonidas Van Pelt2Declared867.633In by wildcard
Stacy RoseOtto8Declared563.667In by placing
Lisa RushFinestep HW4Declared169.917In by placing
Jill VonderhaarBallentine2Declared065.417In line *
Cariann WlosinskiRhiannon2Declared667.917In by placing
Mary YoungbloodCrownprinz3Declared466.583In by placing
Declaration is not required for a score-based wildcard invitation.
* "In line" means that the nominated horse/rider could be invited if currently invited horses do not enter or withdraw.
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