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Rider NameHorse NameRegionDeclaration StatusPlacingScoreInvitation Status
Jonni AllenCeltic Grace4Declared168.618In by placing
Kayla BarteauRaymond4Declared063.684Not eligible
Scores or placing below threshold
Nora BatchelderFaro SQF3Declared472.105In by placing
Nora BatchelderFifi MLW3Declared571.184In by wildcard
Nora BatchelderMicanopy RH3Declared068.092In by wildcard
Mimi BentonLexington WF9Declared268.882In by placing
Heather BlitzPraestemarkens Quatero3Not Declared175In by wildcard
Kelsey BroeckerDesaronno9Declared468.026In by placing
Jennifer ConourDaisy Van Wittenstein P4Declared467.303In line *
Jennifer ConourKatharina V.V.4Declared061.184Not eligible
Scores or placing below threshold
Kathryn Fleming-KuhnMadrono XXXVI4Declared367.5In line *
Stacey HastingsGuateque IV1Declared468.158In by placing
Lynn JendrowskiValsar1Declared566.316In line *
Jodie KellyCaymus3Not Declared272.763In by wildcard
Nicole LevyFloratina2Declared171.908In by placing
Heather MasonRTF Lincoln8Declared468.421In by placing
John MasonFaye9Declared966.513In line *
John MasonMcKensey9Declared867.303In line *
Jaclyn MeinenRivendall7Declared570.855In by placing
Kathleen PetersenAurora I3Declared068.289In by wildcard
Kathy PriestFredensdals Zig Zag2Declared368.289In by placing
Jordan RichEllert HB1Not Declared368.421In by wildcard
Sara SchmittHB Dschafar1Declared269.605In by placing
Michael SjervenDon Augusto2Declared567.039In line *
Betsy SteinerSwiss W8Declared567.763In line *
Mike SuchanekFighting Chance L4Declared267.5In by placing
Melissa TaylorAnsgar3Declared372.566In by placing
Emily WymanChigali8Declared170.855In by placing
Declaration is not required for a score-based wildcard invitation.
* "In line" means that the nominated horse/rider could be invited if currently invited horses do not enter or withdraw.
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