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Rider NameHorse NameRegionDeclaration StatusPlacingScoreInvitation Status
Maia BarnesBenvica8Declared366.842In by placing
Ashley BruneCaliente9Declared364.408In line *
Hunter ChancellorAmigo For Ever7Declared666.184In by placing
Linda CurrieZodan8Declared764.868In line *
Birgitt DaggeWalk Of Fame3Declared265.197In by placing
Judy EthellRichthofen 74Declared267.237In by placing
Sandie Gaines-BeddardFlairance1Declared864.211In line *
Elma GarciaWenesa1Declared171.053In by placing
Diane GlossmanDa Vinci R8Declared169.013In by placing
Rose GrantGP Ubilee4Declared059.934Not eligible
Scores or placing below threshold
Pam HeglundLetizia2Declared165.724In by placing
Anne HurwitzWachenheim1Declared565.592In by wildcard
Adriane JimenezAvatar6Declared261.974In by placing
Susan JonesReliance2Declared463.421In line *
Sarah KernEnkeur NPF1Declared366.579In by placing
Lilla MasonStatesman2Declared264.868In by placing
Jessica Morgand'Angel8Declared665.658In by wildcard
Meg OsmanDooley Noted5Declared265.526In by placing
Amy RippyHarley9Declared169.342In by placing
Lisa RushFinestep HW4Declared365.987In by placing
Amy SwerdlinQuileute CCW3Declared167.039In by placing
Joanne TroutBelissima 233Declared663.487In line *
Terri Sue WensingerValentino9Declared265.592In by placing
Declaration is not required for a score-based wildcard invitation.
* "In line" means that the nominated horse/rider could be invited if currently invited horses do not enter or withdraw.
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