Centerline Events at HITS August 2017
8/18/2017 - 8/20/2017

Class 103 - USEF Training Level Test 3 - 8/18/2017
Dolly Hannon at C
PlaceFinal ScoreRaw ScoresHorseRiderOwner
1Total Score: 170.50
Percent: 77.500%
C: 170.5Tirs LevilleLisa ValoneLisa Valone
2Total Score: 168.50
Percent: 76.591%
C: 168.5Furst MadiranLaurie McCullough-LeibfriedLaurie McCullough-Leibfried
3Total Score: 165.50
Percent: 75.227%
C: 165.5Weltino HWLauren FoleyTracey McLaughlin
4Total Score: 161.00
Percent: 73.182%
C: 161Donarsong GGFBrittany MurphyMichael Yates
5Total Score: 160.50
Percent: 72.955%
C: 160.5Hot ShotGabriel ArmandoHope Greenfield
6Total Score: 158.50
Percent: 72.045%
C: 158.5Hyjinx MVCarly CaveTherese Hillman
 Total Score: 157.00
Percent: 71.364%
C: 157My Blew AngelMegan TursiKirsten Gray
 Total Score: 154.50
Percent: 70.227%
C: 154.5SilhouetteGrace PoolerGrace Pooler
 Total Score: 152.50
Percent: 69.318%
C: 152.5Through The MistHarrison BraicaHarrison Braica
 Total Score: 150.50
Percent: 68.409%
C: 150.5Xanel HMKathryn HurleyKathryn Hurley
 Total Score: 150.50
Percent: 68.409%
C: 150.5WilloughbyCaroline Goodman-ThomasesCaroline Goodman-Thomases
 Total Score: 148.00
Percent: 67.273%
C: 148Largo 224Maria KamalMaria Kamal
 Total Score: 145.00
Percent: 65.909%
C: 145Delano's DorothyMargery WeekesMargery Weekes
 Total Score: 142.00
Percent: 64.545%
C: 142SamwiseSarah AverillSarah Averill
 Total Score: 140.50
Percent: 63.864%
C: 140.5Windfield Fairy DustAnneliese WoodsValerie Woods
 Total Score: 140.50
Percent: 63.864%
C: 140.5Ace of HeartsSusan SimonsonSusan Simonson
 Total Score: 140.00
Percent: 63.636%
C: 140Silent PartnerStacy RoseStacy Rose
 Total Score: 139.50
Percent: 63.409%
C: 139.5Double Stuffed OreoBrooke TrabuccoBrooke Trabucco
 NS ChicagoFiona PerreaultFiona Perreault
 S FlirtBrittany MurphyDressage Horses Shooting Star
 S ValentinaBryn DevineBryn Devine
 S WalkyrieCarol LiebmanCarol Liebman

Results provided by Horse Show Office TM horse-show management system
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