ENYDCTA Dressage Days I 2016
5/27/2016 - 5/27/2016

Class 123 - Second Level Test 3 - Dover Medal - 5/27/2016
Bill McMullin at C
PlaceFinal ScoreRaw ScoresHorseRiderOwner
1Total Score: 276.00
Percent: 67.317%
C: 276Yunque XXVIIJennifer SymonJennifer Symon
2Total Score: 273.00
Percent: 66.585%
C: 273Mystery KCecelia BetteCecelia Bette
3Total Score: 269.50
Percent: 65.732%
C: 269.5Benjamin BlueKerry RoseKerry Rose
4Total Score: 263.00
Percent: 64.146%
C: 263Madrigal MCMeghan WattMeghan Watt
5Total Score: 259.00
Percent: 63.171%
C: 259Who'll Stop the RaynMicah AndrewsMicah Andrews
6Total Score: 254.00
Percent: 61.951%
C: 254BeniciaKathryn ThodeKathryn Thode
7Total Score: 248.50
Percent: 60.610%
C: 248.5Gero Vom SchifferhofChristina LaneChristina Lane
8Total Score: 246.00
Percent: 60.000%
C: 246WinsletLisa Curry MairLisa Curry Mair
 Total Score: 240.50
Percent: 58.659%
C: 240.5Sound Of MusicLatefa GoldbergLatefa Goldberg
 Total Score: 240.00
Percent: 58.537%
C: 240Stenkaergards Mr. Swing KingLara Erdogus-BradyLara Erdogus-Brady
 Total Score: 219.00
Percent: 53.415%
C: 219RouletteSarah BlatchfordSarah Blatchford

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