Dressage at Waterloo June I
6/15/2018 - 6/16/2018

Class 1OT2 - Opportunity Training Level Test 2 Open - 6/15/2018
Michael Osinski at C
PlaceFinal ScoreRaw ScoresHorseRiderOwner
1Total Score: 175.50
Percent: 67.500%
C: 175.5Under The Influence IICassie VanderveldenErika Petersen
2Total Score: 171.00
Percent: 65.769%
C: 171SYLR Tomoros Don MoroStephanie Van De VenStephanie Van De Ven
3Total Score: 168.00
Percent: 64.615%
C: 168TheodoreEmma TaftEmma Taft
4Total Score: 148.00
Percent: 56.923%
C: 148Crosswind's WhatacyteDanielle MazerDanielle Mazer
5Total Score: 137.00
Percent: 52.692%
C: 137KCs Version of PineDenise GimmarroDenise Gimmarro

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