Aug 2022 Dressage by the Sea
8/27/2022 - 8/28/2022

Class 233 - Third Level Test 3 - Stakes Class - 8/28/2022
Scott Peteerson at C
PlaceFinal ScoreRaw ScoresHorseRiderOwner
1Total Score: 252.50
Percent: 63.125%
C: 252.5Close To MeZoe FreeseConnecticut College
2Total Score: 245.00
Percent: 61.250%
C: 245Zhob van de WaterhoeveEmily EmondPattaconk Friesians, LLC
3Total Score: 244.00
Percent: 61.000%
C: 244Prairie MulliganMichelle Ganno-SherwoodPatty Montana
4Total Score: 237.50
Percent: 59.375%
C: 237.5Dream Of NibelungenMegan PaulhusMegan Paulhus
5Total Score: 232.50
Percent: 58.125%
C: 232.5Wilhelm II 121Paula EnosPaula Enos
 S Equito's Fursten HitFie Studnitz AndersenFie Studnitz Andersen

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