2019 Dressage Derby of Ohio II
6/16/2019 - 6/16/2019

Class 2T3 - Training Level Test 3 - 6/16/2019
Donna Richardson at C
PlaceFinal ScoreRaw ScoresHorseRiderOwner
1Total Score: 211.50
Percent: 72.931%
C: 211.5ShagallKristi FoltzKristi Foltz
2Total Score: 206.00
Percent: 71.034%
C: 206Worth the WaitSarah FreemanSarah Freeman
1Total Score: 201.50
Percent: 69.483%
C: 201.5Night At LastLea DornackLea Dornack
1Total Score: 197.00
Percent: 67.931%
C: 197Juvenile Delinquentleigh Mooneyleigh Mooney
2Total Score: 195.50
Percent: 67.414%
C: 195.5RohanLisa NelsonLisa Nelson
3Total Score: 191.50
Percent: 66.034%
C: 191.5IngeliseJacqueline ElyKristin Hermann
4Total Score: 188.50
Percent: 65.000%
C: 188.5RRF Minuit - MinnieAnne McClintockJaneen Langowski
5Total Score: 187.50
Percent: 64.655%
C: 187.5BeauAnne McClintockCarolyn McGinty
3Total Score: 184.50
Percent: 63.621%
C: 184.5West PointeBrandon EvansBrandon Evans
4Total Score: 182.50
Percent: 62.931%
C: 182.5ZandbergenJennifer GouldJennifer Gould
5Total Score: 180.50
Percent: 62.241%
C: 180.5Balmullo's CatfishMaria JohnsonMaria Johnson
6Total Score: 179.50
Percent: 61.897%
C: 179.5Johnny Cakesjennifer eismonjennifer eismon
 Total Score: 175.00
Percent: 60.345%
C: 175SirenKaren PuchalskyKaren Puchalsky
6Total Score: 173.50
Percent: 59.828%
C: 173.5Cover Girl HMJacqueline ElyJacqueline Clemons Ely
 Total Score: 168.00
Percent: 57.931%
C: 168QuintinSusan KuhnSusan Kuhn
 Total Score: 167.00
Percent: 57.586%
C: 167ZappoliBarbara BrownBarbara Brown
 Total Score: 158.00
Percent: 54.483%
C: 158Rex The Wonder HorseDeborah MasuokaDeborah Masuoka

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