Dressage at Waterloo August
7/31/2015 - 8/2/2015

Class 313 - First Level Test 3 Open/AA/Jr-YR/Pony - 8/2/2015
Joan Macartney at C
PlaceFinal ScoreRaw ScoresHorseRiderOwner
1Total Score: 244.50
Percent: 71.912%
C: 244.5Darcy DiamondNoel WilliamsRobert Stark
2Total Score: 235.50
Percent: 69.265%
C: 235.5IncognitoStephanie MosebyStephanie Moseby
1Total Score: 231.00
Percent: 67.941%
C: 231FRF BacktalkMarissa KlimkiewiczMarissa Klimkiewicz
1Total Score: 230.50
Percent: 67.794%
C: 230.5DonnerstolzJuliyana StraleyJuliyana Straley
3Total Score: 230.00
Percent: 67.647%
C: 230DiabloEleanor MillerschinRuth Hill-Schorsch
4Total Score: 228.50
Percent: 67.206%
C: 228.5Doc Holiday FSCaitie IlichSandra Tull
5Total Score: 228.00
Percent: 67.059%+
C: 228Carry OnTammy ShiversTammy Shivers
6Total Score: 228.00
Percent: 67.059%
C: 228Full Moon Rising DukeZoe RoyGail Myr
2Total Score: 228.00
Percent: 67.059%
C: 228DL's IsabellaHaley ReineckeHaley Reinecke
 Total Score: 226.00
Percent: 66.471%
C: 226Filly Hill GiadaJennifer LockeJennifer Locke
1Total Score: 225.00
Percent: 66.176%
C: 225SvenWhitney Petersen-McIntoshLaurie Moore
3Total Score: 223.00
Percent: 65.588%
C: 223MontegoBarbara DayBarbara Day
2Total Score: 222.00
Percent: 65.294%
C: 222LenaKylie HeitmanKylie Heitman
4Total Score: 221.00
Percent: 65.000%
C: 221Miles O CaptiveEmily SechristYvonne Bellairs
5Total Score: 219.50
Percent: 64.559%
C: 219.5CorbelCarrie PfeiferCarrie Pfeifer
6Total Score: 217.50
Percent: 63.971%
C: 217.5CallistoE. Ann RoweE. Ann Rowe
3Total Score: 217.50
Percent: 63.971%
C: 217.5Yasmine JIsabel LinderIsabel Linder
4Total Score: 217.00
Percent: 63.824%
C: 217ElliotAnnabel WestfallAnnabel Westfall
 Total Score: 209.00
Percent: 61.471%
C: 209Stone of FirePhyllis WalshPhyllis Walsh
 Total Score: 208.00
Percent: 61.176%
C: 208Dragonfly Dancing TLAJulie RescoeJulie Rescoe
 Total Score: 206.00
Percent: 60.588%
C: 206DonnabellaLisa AndersonLisa Anderson
 Total Score: 205.50
Percent: 60.441%
C: 205.5NikeBritney StevensBritney Stevens
5Total Score: 205.50
Percent: 60.441%
C: 205.5TributeAlexandra LundSharon Smith
2Total Score: 198.50
Percent: 58.382%
C: 198.5Hall of FameEvelyn TynerEvelyn Tyner
 Total Score: 197.50
Percent: 58.088%
C: 197.5PaprikaShannon DempichShannon Dempich
 Total Score: 196.00
Percent: 57.647%
C: 196Divine HarmonieAshley WallisAshley Wallis
 NS Cronos de MediLee Kuiphof-ThomeLee Kuiphof-Thome
 S Just DandyKelly ZebariKelly Zebari
 S GardistEvelyn LancioneEvelyn Lancione

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