Rivendell Stables May Schooling Show
5/20/2017 - 5/21/2017

Class 5 - Training Level Test 2 Jr/AA/Open - 5/20/2017
Joan Esterline at C
PlaceFinal ScoreRaw ScoresHorseRiderOwner
1Total Score: 181.00
Percent: 69.615%
C: 181SunnivaElla KunitzerLeana Tank
1Total Score: 167.50
Percent: 64.423%
C: 167.5Graceful WingsErin TupperErin Tupper
2Total Score: 166.00
Percent: 63.846%
C: 166Lyric PTBrooke EnglesTina Miller
3Total Score: 165.50
Percent: 63.654%
C: 165.5HanlonEmma TuitKelly Tuit
2Total Score: 163.00
Percent: 62.692%
C: 163Spirit of LibertyConnie DabneyKenneth Dabney
3Total Score: 161.50
Percent: 62.115%
C: 161.5Royal Rudi IIStephanie TothMary Weathers
4Total Score: 156.50
Percent: 60.192%
C: 156.5Bookn DynastyErica CoombsKristen Chasnis
4Total Score: 153.50
Percent: 59.038%
C: 153.5WauiBart ShumakerBart Shumaker
5Total Score: 149.50
Percent: 57.500%
C: 149.5SX PerfixaRachael BessertKristen Chasnis
5Total Score: 148.00
Percent: 56.923%
C: 148Bailea of ParmaleeAnne WiersmaBart Shumaker
6Total Score: 142.50
Percent: 54.808%
C: 142.5SerendipityBradey HarmelinkKristen Chasnis
1Total Score: 136.50
Percent: 52.500%
C: 136.5Bossa NovaSusan FabinaSusan Fabina
2Total Score: 118.00
Percent: 45.385%
C: 118Just JackKelsey SmithKelsey Smith
 E RainMegan BehlerMegan Behler
 S Master EliKyleigh ChristiansPeter Humphreys
 S CN DartagneTiffany NyenhuisTiffany Nyenhuis

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