2023 CPDS June Schooling Show
6/11/2023 - 6/11/2023
Class List
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 10 Dressage Freestyle Test of Choice
 2A Equitation (WT/WJ)
 5A First Level Test 1
 5B First Level Test 2
 5C First Level Test 3
 3C Introductory Level Tes C
 3A Introductory Level Test A
 3B Introductory Level Test B
 11M-3 yr Materiale - 3 year olds
 11M-5 yr Materiale - 5 year olds
 11M- all ages Materiale - all ages
 6A Second Level Test 1
 11A Sport Horse In Hand
 1A Suitability (WT/WJ)
 1B Suitability (WTC/WJL)
 11B Test of Choice I
 7A Third Level Test 1
 99 Basic Trail - Ridden Basic Level (clinic and class)
 4C Training Level Test 3
 13A Western Dressage Basic 1
 13B Western Dressage Basic 2
 13C Western Dressage Basic 3
 12A Western Dressage Introductory 1
 12B Western Dressage Introductory 2
 12C Western Dressage Introductory 3
 12D Western Dressage Introductory 4
 16A Western Dressage Level 3 Test 1
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