Dressage Experience Series Championship Show, Open Show and Spooktacular Gymkhana Show.
11/19/2017 - 11/19/2017
Class List
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 1-SG Barrel Racing
 5-SG Bowtie
 8-SG Costume Class
 11 Dressage Seat Equitation
 11-4h Dressage Seat Equitation (Benefit Class)
 21 Dressage Showmanship
 8 First Level Test 2
 9 First Level Test 3
 1 Introductory Test A
 2 Introductory Test B
 3 Introductory Test C
 10-4H Second Level and above TOC including Western Dressage
 2-SG Teddy Bear Rescue
 4 Training Level Test 1
 5 Training Level Test 2
 6 Training Level Test 3
 3-4h USDF Introductory Level Test C
 8-4h USEF First Level Test 2
 9-4h USEF First Level Test 3
 4-4h USEF Training Level Test 1
 5-4h USEF Training Level Test 2
 6-4h USEF Training Level Test 3
 14-4H Western Dressage Basic Test 1 4H
 15 Western Dressage Basic Test 2 4H
 12-4H Western Dressage Intro Test 1 4H
 13-4H Western Dressage Intro Test 2 4H
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