Dressage at Waterloo July
7/16/2021 - 7/18/2021
Championship Results
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Champion Jonah Melissa Freedman
Reserve Champion Such a Fancy Detail Tracey McCafferty

Introductory Championship
Champion Kalypso MG Sarah Pojanowski

Training Level Open
Champion Bauke K Ellisa Kroll
Reserve Champion Raphael DM Carrie Wilson

Training Level Adult Amateur
Champion Leeuw Kennedy Parker
Reserve Champion Bruma Los Encinos Bethann Pradny

Training Level Junior/Young Rider
Champion Tip O the Mitt Alyssa Meyering
Reserve Champion Pinot Emma Howell-Leman

Training Level High Percentage
Champion Raphael DM Carrie Wilson

First Level Open
Champion Ivita Whispering Maddie Operacz
Reserve Champion Koriander Judy Kelly

First Level Adult Amateur
Champion Tailor Made Courtney Cutright
Reserve Champion Jazz Talouriston KZ Valerie Howell

First Level Junior/Young Rider
Champion Padi's Granite Partner Annie Lesky
Reserve Champion Stuart Little Madalyn Sumner

First Level High Percentage
Champion Koriander Judy Kelly

Second Level Open
Champion Kontango Julie Van Zee
Reserve Champion Lake Ridge Charles In Charge Julia Varady

Second Level Adult Amateur
Champion Sergent FS Kelli Diener
Reserve Champion Furstenrose Barbara Butman

Second Level Junior/Young Rider
Champion Adonis Mylee Wiers
Reserve Champion Zasu Abigail Taft

Second Level High Percentage
Champion Urbanus G. fan 'e Rydwei Carrie Wilson

Third Level Open
Champion Cesca Estella Jessie Myers
Reserve Champion Elton J Judy Kelly

Third Level Adult Amateur
Champion Pierre LWF Betsy Morath
Reserve Champion Fjurie Mindy Lane

Third Level High Percentage
Champion Hugo Boss-V Sophie Novak

Fourth Level Adult Amateur
Champion Native Shooting Star Izabelle Tagavi
Reserve Champion De La Nuit Ann Gray-Trufant

Fourth Level Junior/Young Rider
Champion Hugo Boss-V Sophie Novak
Reserve Champion Fine Time 13 Allison Berger

Fourth Level High Percentage
Champion Hugo Boss-V Sophie Novak

FEI Prix St. Georges Championship
Champion Eliano Carrie Wilson
Reserve Champion Mejicano CXV Allison Berger

FEI Intermediate I Championship
Champion Eliano Carrie Wilson
Reserve Champion Arithmetic TF Barbara Kuyper

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