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BMCI (includes Dressage at Waterloo)

Rosinburg Events (includes Williamston, Virginia Spring, Lexington Spring, and Raleigh)

Bettina Longaker (includes: VADA, VADA-CH)

Lake Erie College (2020 Winter Dressage, 2020 Prix de Villes and Dressage Derby of Ohio I and II)

VADA Fredericksburg (pre-2018) (see Bettina Longaker for VADA-F shows 2018 and later))

NEDA (pre-2017) (see Centerline Events for NEDA shows 2017 and later)

Mystic Valley Hunt Club (see Sue McKeown for MVHC shows 2017 and later)

United States Dressage Federation (US Dressage Finals)

NODA (recognized and schooling)

Centerline Events (includes HITS May and HITS June)

Willow Bend South (Saddle up for St. Jude)

GMHA (see Sue McKeown for GMHA shows 2016 and later)

Mount Holyoke (see Sue McKeown for Mount Holyoke shows 2017 and later)

Dressage 4 Kids, Inc. (16th Annual Youth Dressage Festival)

2 White Feet, Inc. (includes Paragon Dressage)

Maplewood Warmbloods (Breed/Dressage Shows @ Maplewood Warmbloods)

Sorensen Equestrian Park (Sorensen Dressage Shows)

Sue McKeown (includes MVHC, CRDA (before 2019), GMHA, ENYDCTA, Longfellow, Holyoke, Bear Spot)

Anne Sushko (includes 2021 Maffitt Lake Equestrian Center June and July, 2021 Nebraska Cornhusker Classics and Cornhusker Schooling Show and WDHA Arabian, AHA Region 10 Sport Horse Championships)

Dressage Experience Show Management Services (The Dressage Experience, Suddenly Dressage, Stanhope Dressage, LIDA, Kirby Hill, Maplewood Warmbloods (June Show), Horse Park of NJ Winter Series, Dressage at Rhythm & Blues,)

Sporting Services (March Magic, Prime Time, Pinehurst)

Chris Federer (includes Cottonwood Farm Winter)

Kathy Grisolia ( Houghton College, WNYDA Summer Festival, Low Country Dressage Classic, Cinco De Mayo, Tenneseean Express/Classic, Ole South Prelude/Classic)

Otter Creek Farm (May Flower I & II, Otter Creek Dressage Fest)

All Dressage Association (ADA Schooling Shows)

Northern Lights Dressage Shows (includes Northern Lights Dressage Shows)

Centerline Events Remote (includes NEDA Summer)

Sorensen (includes June I & II)

Meredith Ferland (includes)

Central States Dressage & Eventing Association (Dressage Festival & Championships)

Boulder Valley Dressage (includes)

NEDA Breed Show (Includes NEDA Breed Shows)

Test Organizer (includes)

Charles River Dressage Association (includes)

Dream On Farms (includes)

Dressage Experience Show Management Services 2 (includes Lond Island Dressage Association Shows)

Patty Littmann (includes)

Lake Erie College (includes Winter Show, Prix de Ville, Dressage Derby)

South Carolina Dressage and CT Association (includes)

World Equestrian Center (includes)

Xanadu Farms (Includes)

Rivendell (includes)

Heritage Dressage Association (includes)

Dressage 4 Kids (Lendons Youth Dressage Festival

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